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The thrust of the Powerhouse Academy Team is towards the continuing professional development of management system professionals in the Philippines. It is intended that as we empower the professionals with knowledge, then we can make progress for the management system profession, and eventually our society. For the individual, any professional development taken will reflect on the organizational success. The company fundamentals represent the cycle of change, empowerment and improvement , ie PDCA being a universal principle for management system of Plan-Do-Check-Act which translates to Professional Development and Coaching Academy. We are the type of consultant who always go for best and what better word to describe a thrust full of energy, enthusiasm and potential for success but Powerhouse....

We envision the coming of great minds and expertise and the development of potential young professionals to contribute to the enhancement of management systems in which we all operate and take part on.

We envision the coming together of people with influence and expertise to pour their energy to make a change , make things happen and make a difference.

We envision collaborative effort to reach out and help one another in the interest of mutual development and partnerships.

Powerhouse Academy Team

Our Team of Management System Experts

We have a powerhouse of experts.... Our team of seasoned management consultants combines system expertise with advocacy and tried and true consulting skills. The ability to understand and act towards organizational goal supported with the passion for improvement and effective facilitation skills makes a lot of difference in what sets a consultant apart from the rest.

Guided by the leadership of Mary Anne Concio, a pioneer and a leader in the consulting industry, management system solutions and operational excellence , we’ve got a foundation for success. Backed by a solid 22 years of consulting/industry experience of providing business solutions and knowledge transfer in transforming businesses. Scope of work includes strategic planning, management system compliance, business process improvement and sustainability with reference to International Standards, Lean and Six Sigma Operational Excellence Frameworks. Mary Anne is instrumental to the build up of knowledge base and development of consultants, management system professionals, including management representatives and auditors ever since ISO 9001 has started in the Philippines. She has facilitated the education, training and certification of most management system professionals today with the IRCA and Lean Sigma certified courses.

Our consultants with Powerhouse come with impressive track records, background and education. Our staff’s diversity let us find the best solution for making your transformation goals successful. We have a network from a variety of disciplines and career paths ensuring that our approach considers all angles.


To be a global platform for networking and collaboration among management experts and the most respectable catalyst in the delivery of organizational transformation helping our clients make value-adding, significant and distinctive improvements in organizational performance.

To be a one-stop center in addressing the developmental needs of management professionals and recognized for the continuing professional development living up to be the Academy for the Philippines of management professionals

We strive to be a powerhouse of great/ beautiful minds and build a network that maintains and retains exceptional people.


With the ever changing dynamics of the management system standards, the case for a change in the role of management system professionals is expected . The value expectation from the various stakeholders likewise present a strategic business management function that will challenge organisations to sustain and thrive in the advent of all the changes.

We CARE to deliver....

C  Change that drives progress
A  Alliance that integrates
R  Results that matter
E  Excellence that empowers

Our goal is to empower people through knowledge and the energy that comes from assurance of doing the right things that matter....

Change that delivers progress

We provide consultancy and training packages for organizational enhancements as well as learning solutions for your people’s continuing professional development

Alliance that integrates

We provide a network of experts to give you information, coaching and assistance for your daily management challenges and providing opportunities for benchmarking

Results that matter

We provide out of the box solutions that deliver results that matter enabling business value and meeting clients expectation

Excellence that empowers

The journey does not stop with business process improvement and system certification but facilitates the drive towards operational excellence


To be a powerhouse of consultants require great minds with IDEAs that delivers results and a spirit that empowers.

As a professional-services organization we put prime on our people personified with integrity and expertise .

We add value to our service delivery by being:

We expect our people to be conscientious/ maintain high energy and enthusiasm in their work and use their passion for knowledge to fruition for the needed change and transformation both personally and organizationally

We deliver more value than what the client expected and to deliver our service to every client a cost-effective as we possibly can

We have the ability and business understanding to promote practical insights and provide simple yet effective solutions to problems .

We focus on outcome and making our clients successful with the right discipline and generosity of spirit.

We uphold absolute integrity and will never compromise on the quality of our service delivery

We are diligent for the emerging needs and developments in the markets

Strength & Expertise

The cohesion of our IDEA – our Insights, Dedication , Experience and Alliance make us effective on the job. Our ability to listen and understand our clients make us even more attuned to the value and service delivery expected from us.

Dedicated and driven for change , results and improvement backed by in depth knowledge and experience on the fundamentals of quality management system, integration of management systems and application of industry best practices and credentials recognized with international certifications.

We facilitate learning of management professionals with our ability and authority to:
• Understand and manage the context of the organization within the Management System
• Facilitate Good Governance in both internal and external focus
• Ensure risks are managed and reputation is protected
• Manage objective measures to deliver results to the organization meeting stakeholders requirements
• Drive improvement and sustained organizational success



Powerhouse represents our teams’ passion for knowledge and delivering results that matter

Our Professional Development Framework

We have leveled our offerings in transforming the way business processes are managed in 4 levels PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

We provide out of the box solutions that deliver results that
matter enabling business value and meeting clients expectation