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We provide you with guidance and expertise to help you cover the various options -and guide through difficult decisions in the journey of developing your management system aimed at an optimal performance meeting stakeholders requirements developing management system and its various deliverables with the confidence of a guidance from a management system expert

Call us for your needs for dedicated support requirements for both Management System and Industry Best Practice

Our Consultancy Experience

Our consultants have the maturity and strong grasp in the set-up and development of various management systems and industry best practices and with extensive exposure in the various industries that includes Semiconductor ,Electronics ,Rubber, Automotive., IT/ BPO/ Banking , Insurance Pharmaceutical ,Food processing ,Packaging , Printing and Warehouse and Distribution, Food Retailing, Meat Processing, Bread and Biscuits, Confectionery, Beverage , Banana Plantation, Pesticides, Engineering, Health/ Medical, Pharmaceutical, Power , Packaging Materials , Raw and Processed Materials, among others.

Being part of the development of management system policies and controls for most established and mature organizations for a significant number of years– the optimal solutions and industry best practices are strongly ingrained within the wealth of insights and experience just waiting to be tapped and adapted in companies seriously wanting change and improvement. Our consultants bring passion and commitment to our work. We aim to deliver results that mater....


Consultancy Stage Competency for Development Deliverables
    1. A state of pre-engagement to establish focus and commitment
Prepare and Pitch Leadership/ Context 2. A state of awareness and acceptance of accountability
3. A state of positive BUY-IN/ MINDSET for baselining, positive change and performance management
Pilot and Promote Governance 4. A state of readiness and propagation/bringing plans into existence and deployment to produce results
Perform and Produce Results Assurance 5. A state of pro-activity for continual improvement
Progress and Preserve Performance 6. A state of success from a system well-managed achieving its business objectives
Prosper and Perfect Improvement 7. A state of operational excellence and planning the next peak to climb


Consultancy Stage Competency for Development Deliverables
Prepare and Pitch Leadership 1. A state of pre-engagement to establish drive to excellence
Pilot and Promote Change 2. A state of positive BUY- IN/MINDSET for baselining organizational success and driving positive change for operational effectveness and efficiency (IBP)
Perform and Produce Results Achievement 3. A state of awareness , accountability and readiness bringing industry best practices and its related tools into existence to optimize results (IBP)
Progress and Preserve Performance 4. A state of improved performance management and a drive for sustained organizational success (IBP )
Prosper and Perfect Improvement 5. A state of operational excellence and planning the next peak to climb ( IBP )

Powerhouse represents our teams’ passion for knowledge and delivering results that matter

Our Professional Development Framework

We have leveled our offerings in transforming the way business processes are managed in 4 levels PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

We provide out of the box solutions that deliver results that
matter enabling business value and meeting clients expectation