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auditing iso 9000


Our consultants are among the pioneers in management system audit and have been performing audits all the way back to the first edition of ISO 9000 in 1987. The work and expertise extends in not just performing the audit but in the training and qualification of the prospective lead auditors operating in their respective organizations.

We are among the few auditors recognized by the International Register of Certificated Auditors and have worked and partnered with the senior lead auditors in practice today.

WE pride ourselves in being true to the profession of auditing of not turning a blind eye on a nonconformity or a need for improvement to ensure that the intent of the management system is not compromised. We aim to deliver results that mater....


We provide you independent assessment for business process measurement and assurance gaining confident perspective about the status of organiations management system forboth process and product assurance

Powerhouse represents our teams’ passion for knowledge and delivering results that matter

Our Professional Development Framework

We have leveled our offerings in transforming the way business processes are managed in 4 levels PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

We provide out of the box solutions that deliver results that
matter enabling business value and meeting clients expectation