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Professional Evaluation and Certification Board

PROFESSIONAL EVALUATION AND CERTIFICATION BOARD With Powerhouse Devt and Coaching Academy's Partnership with PECB, we bring forth a journey for your professional development and recognition. For the individual, any professional development taken heightens the engagement and will eventually reflect on the organizational success. We are making

Consultant Partner and Apprentice Program

CAREERS AND PARTNERSHIPS we provide you a partnership that lets you achieve a sense of fulfillment in the advocacy of helping out while learning from the network of partners across the team. participating in an advocacy to help and share expertise in a collaborative stance among partners in the network guided by seasoned consultants with the

Training within Industry

  TRAINING WITHIN INDUSTRY - MANAGING PEOPLE TO HIGH PERFORMANCE       Basic stability starts with a well trained workforce. Basic supervision skills is essential for  employees to know their jobs very well including how to further improve the skills and capabilities of work

Improvement KATA

  IMPROVEMENT KATA   Improvement Kata challenges traditional improvement thinking ... “no plan will cover everything, and that is OK”!  Kata is a Japanese word meaning “way of doing”. A kata is a pattern you practice to learn a skill. Through practice, the pattern of a kata becomes second

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Our Professional Development Framework

We have leveled our offerings in transforming the way business processes are managed in 4 levels PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

We provide out of the box solutions that deliver results that
matter enabling business value and meeting clients expectation